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Homes for Sale in South Houston TX - Let Us Help You To Find Your Next Home!

Are you looking to find homes for sale in South Houston TX? If yes, this blog post can help you!! Read till the end so that you know the basics of South Houston. It will help you in deciding if relocating to South Houston will be a good idea or not. 

The Simien Team is proud to be in the group of South Houston’s top real estate agents. Our unrivaled customer service is a hallmark of our reputation -we will provide you with the best service possible when you need to sell your home in the South Houston area. Our brokerage will work closely with you to make sure you get the right price and receive an offer quickly.


Traditional Sale

Simien Team is a trusted partner for hundreds of homeowners who have sold their homes quickly and got the best price. The current real estate interest rates are low and the market is on fire! Our real estate agents and brokers in Friendswood can help sell your property fast, and show you how your house has appreciated in value.

15K to Renovate

You can get a loan interest-free up to 15k, so you can make your home more attractive and sell it faster. For more information, call us today. It can sometimes be hard to prepare a house for showings.


CINCH Move is a sister company that offers an easy way for people to save time and avoid the headaches involved in getting homes ready to be shown. Our Friendswood real estate agents and brokers at The Simien Team and CINCH Move, can help you sell or show your property.


Why Buy a Home in the South of Houston, Texas? 

First of all, it has the best job opportunity rate. Then comes real estate – it is growing rapidly. Another reason why South Houston should be your next home in Texas is the prosperous international trade. These are not all the perks. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Houston is one of the largest four cities in the US. The other three largest cities are Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. 
  • The population of Houston ranks 3rd in the US. 
  • The economy of Houston looks promising and extremely strengthened in not one but many sectors.


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Job Opportunity 

Always remember the drill – when the economy is good, real estate is good; and when real estate is good, job growth increases. So, knowing that we can safely say that job opportunities in Houston are never lousy. It is because Houston is the most essential part of Texas. Why? Well, it has an industrial base. Also, the medical complex in Houston has health care facilities with more than 58 institutions. 

Real Estate Growth 

Houston is growing with time. It is for sure not like a fully developed or built city. However, Houston promises to offer better living prospects. In this regard, if you are finding homes for sale in South Houston TX. We would suggest you look for the best solutions.

Seabrook Sell House Fast | Home Buyers | Real Estate Sellers

South Houston’s Best Real Estate Agents

We want to become your trusted advisors when you sell your home in South Houston. Our real estate brokerage recognizes that every family has its own unique needs and we strive to get to know them. We provide creative marketing strategies, creative and innovative marketing strategies to help home buyers find your house.

We promise to deliver an experience beyond your expectations when you decide to sell your home. Based in South Houston, our real estate agents adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism as Texas Real Estate Commission members. The Simien Team will assist you in every way possible, including advising you on staging your home and letting you know about the properties currently on the market. If you’re looking for a South Houston real estate brokerage, The Simien Team will be there for you. Contact us today!